Cakes, Cupcakes, and Cookies! OH MY!

Pin It I'm always in the mood for some what? CAKE!!! Feast your eyes, and palettes on the wonderful creations by a Jr Malton Mom. 
Ashley has lived in Malton, and been apart of this community sharing in its ups and downs, her entire life. She has recently started a small business creating these lovely, delectable treats for families and gatherings in our community. Let's face it, she's our in-house baker, and we love her! 

So we'd like to share her great works with the rest of the community! Ashley is available to make baked goods for any of your special occasions, and will be making the special baked good at Meet Your Neighbour Day @ Malton Community Centre (the park in the back), THIS SATURDAY, September 8th, 2012 

Visit Ashley's website @:


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melpo said...

wow! those cakes look delicious. keep up the good work


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