In Memorial of Adrian Ducas - A life lost, but not forgotten

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Malton Community,
we mourn the loss of Adrian Ducas

As many of you know, on Saturday July 3rd, a tragedy happened at our community centre. Adrian Ducas, 17 years old was fatally shot at the Malton Community Centre. He was an innocent young man who graduated from highschool only days before.

The Malton Moms moved swiftly into action and called a Candlelight Vigil for the Community to help with the hurt and the healing needed to survive this event. We prayed, supported one another and worked to make connections, reminding each other that Our Lives Matter.

The Funeral took place this past Saturday, and for many of us, this helped the healing. Also, the fact that three of the four suspects have been caught offers some solace.
Malton Neighbourhood Services, The Black Community Action Network, Malton Moms and The Malton Community Building Project got together with Victim Services of Peel, Peel Region and ACYSAP to support the community with Grief Counselling supports.
Here's how you can get involved or support:
1. Donate: A Trust Account has been set up for Adrian's family. The account information is # 004 - 1862 -6525523
2. Spread the word and attend: Community Counselling Session Tuesday July 20th, 2010 at 5pm at Malton Neighbourhood Services, 3540 Morningstar Drive.
We welcome one and all who stand together in peace and value life. Solidarity
The Malton Moms
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