Live, Love, Laugh or LOAN, LIEN, LIE?

Pin It As a mom and a woman who may have something to share with the thousands of other Ontarian students and graduates who are stuck under the thumb of OSAP, I thought I would share this story with you…

After 11 years of garnishment re: student loan, I was finally free. Or so I thought. I was a typical student of the 90's. Went to college and then to university and end up racking up a total student loan debt of about $30,000. My payment plan issued by the bank advised me that one loan would be paid off in 9.5 years and the other in 14.5 years. That game plan seemed a little harsh so I requested interest relief in the month of November and by the following January, I was told in a generic letter that there may be a lien on my tax return. Now imagine my disgust, just starting my adult life and already having a weight on my shoulder.

Fast forward to May 2011, two children later, 10 and five years old. Tax refund is sweet and it is all mine. It took more than 9.5 but less than 14.5. Paid some bills and put a little in savings.

They say the postman always rings twice, well "ring, ring". I letter advising me that I have been audited and I must provide the necessary documents or I will be reassessed.

You have got to be kidding me, what are the chances. For ten years I have been doing this and no one had questioned me, but the first year that I hold actual funds in my hand, I am being questioned?

They (CRA) would like proof that the children are mine. What! They are ten and five, WT... WHY did you not ask who these children belonged to when you were collecting my money???? I need receipts for where I was living! Mom with two kids, I must have been living under a damn rock. I digress, I cried, I cussed, I conceded.

The system is flawed and all I can do is sit and ponder at the idea that I.O.U. $6000.00.

(I am currently in the process of submitting documents, I will let you know the outcome.)

- Camar

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Soleus said...

Thanks Camar! I have an even larger OSAP and I am appalled, but not surprised at the actions of the CRA.Thank you for sharing, and hopefully this will be resolved for you sooner than later. I hope this message reaches many of the debt-ridden graduates Ontario creates every year! Thanks Canada!


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