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As part of our Wise Little Ones column, here is another According to Isis guest written by none other than her mother, Shawna. 

Isis: “Mom can I go to Suzy’s* house today?”
Shawna: “Not today Isis.”
Isis: *whispers* “But mommy, I left a secret over there and I need to pick it up.”

The cleverness of a three year old amazes me. I really would love to see the inner workings of a child's mind as they take that split second to come up with a reason why they should be able to do what they want, when they want to do it.

The logic and excuses are both clever, and at times hilarious. I mean the reasons are brilliant! For example, when my three year old asked to go over to a friend’s house and I gently told her another time. As you saw from the answer above, she had left a secret there, and of course she can only tell me what the secret is after she goes there to recover it!

 A child's mind can be an amazing thing when you nourish and encourage a healthy appetite for knowledge and imagination. As parents we are continuously teaching our children, and most of all we should be learning from them. From this little anecdote I see my daughter developing news to problem solve. She is determining new ways to approach situations to get the desired outcome; even if it doesn’t work. I hope that this transfers to future Isis, and she knows how to get what she needs through persistence, even if that means nagging (LOL). It’s trial and error my friends, trial and error.

- Shawna

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