New! Malton Moms Meeting - Re-Opening the Collective OCTOBER 28th, 5-7pm!

Pin It Hello Good Women of Malton!

I am please to announce that we are back on course and want to meet up again. There are some great ideas flowing and we want to begin once again to support each other in having a group that speaks to our needs, visions for our children's future and engages the community.

Meeting details:

Wednesday October 28th,
6-8 pm
Multipurpose Room 1 in the Community Centre

Refreshments will be provided. We have a childminding volunteer.

Here is a our tentative agenda

1. Greeting & Check In
2. Stress Relief Exercise
3. The Collective - Vision, Mission, Outreach, Logo
4. Family Education Parent Support Program
5. Mission Statement - Break Out Groups
6. Skills Inventory- Sharing Our Talents - Charting, Comments and Ideas for Planning
7. Finding Space: Lancaster School Offer
8. Events for the New Year:
- Family Movie Night & Film Discussion Series
- Planet Earth Film Series
- Winter Fun
- Creative Arts: Writing, Art, Photography, Reading etc.
9. Peer Support
10. What's Going on in Malton? - Events, Clubs, Groups, Opportunities & Info Sharing
11. Grants and Grants Committee
12. Next Meeting Date

If you have questions, please call Crystal 416.912.3876 or Camar 647.898.5434 for more information.


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